NaAtMaD – News and Articles that Make a Difference

News, Articles, Announcements, Reports related to Indian Economics and Corporate World


Have you ever counted how many different website and news paper you read just to get the company news in which you have invested or want to invest? How about getting all that news in one website? NaAtMad is all one would need when it comes to news, article, stock recommendation to become informed about all those companies in which you are interested. The unique thing that differentiate NaAtMaD from all the other websites are that it not only provides the news, articles, stock recommendation for all the company, but anyone can publish one’s own article, news you came across and can recommend a stock.

Firstly, NaAtMaD accumulates all the news, articles and stock recommendation for any company trading in Indian Stock Exchanges. So that one needn’t have to go to so many different websites to get the same information, and one has to never worried about the missing the action. We are accumulating news from Reuters, CNBC, MoneyControl and many more.

Next, NaAtMad is a website where you not only read news, article, stock recommendation, but can also publish your own article, news that you came across, and recommend stocks if you think it will help other investor. Click here to post.

NaAtMad accumulates all news, articles and stock recommendation and is not driven by any single person, it’s driven by the people who think that by sharing knowledge, knowledge increases. NaAtMad is planning to offer many more features in the future, So if you want to see something more please contact me with your feedback and suggestion.


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