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RCom launches new search engine on mobile for Rs.3 per search

Posted by Yogesh on Thursday, 6 November, 2008

NEW DELHI: Leading telecom service provider Reliance Communications (RCom) Thursday launched an information service called ‘Quick Search’.

Powered by on Reliance Mobile World (R-World), the service includes information on banks, automated teller machines (ATMs), shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cinema theatres, educational institutions, hospitals, blood banks, chemists and airline offices.

“Henceforth, customers won’t have to waste their precious time in referring to an outdated telephone directory or yellow pages or await an operator for the requested information. In a few seconds, ‘Quick Search’ will furnish it,” RCom value-added services head Krishna Durbha said in a statement.

This service adds another option to existing search services available on Reliance Mobile World platform such as Yahoo One Search, Google Search and City Guide. The ‘Quick Search’ service is available at Rs.3 per search on all Reliance Mobile World Phones including Blackberry handsets. Source The Economic Times


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