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Posted by Yogesh Agrawal on Saturday, 4 August, 2007

Today’s Forex Exchange Rate

We always find it difficult, to find out which portals gives us the best exchange rate, which gives a lot of feature and simply which is the best when it comes to transfer our money to India.

I have used three of them (HDFC, ICICI, and Remit2India) and I found HDFC to be good in terms of the exchange rate, as far as time is concerned all the three are same. But as you do a lot of options from Remit2India like instant transfer and Rupee Express.

I am providing here the exchange rate for all these three institutions and their portal address for transferring you money .

Remittance Portal & their Exchange Rate

HDFC Quickremit Portal Login and After Login Copy this url and paste it on address bar and HDFC Exchange Rate

ICICI Money2India Portal and ICICI Exchange Rate

Remit2India Portal and Remit2India Exchange Rate

P.S. The pay day loan terms are not same as other personal loans. The payday loans are the only class of loan secured other than student loans.


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